When There’s No TV…

Very last week Wednesday, anything weird occurred with HECO (Hawaiian Electric Corporation) in the late afternoon. I was doing work on my computer system and it just died. I rebooted the technique and at the time once more it died. It took me various attempts ahead of I recognized that anything was goofy with the electrical energy and I possibly really should flip off my computer system just before some thing really poor happened even however we have a surge protector on it.

Anything stabilized just after a couple of hrs of the lights flickering on and off, and so on. But then, the Tv set wouldn’t turn on. There was a massive pink X on the monitor. We check out the night news though we have our supper, but with no Television, ended up just chatting to every other. 

We commonly watch Television set after supper, but with no Television we read a book and went to sleep early. I basically got a fantastic evenings rest. 

The pursuing day, Art termed Hawaiian Telcom and they scheduled a technician to appear out on Friday.  Sooo… we experienced one more evening of no Tv news and much more conversing and looking at and likely to bed early. 

On Friday, Dean of Hawaiian Telcom arrived.

He was the absolute friendliest, cutest dude.

He did all sorts of tests (when outlining anything) on the machines and taught us how to press the middle and base button concurrently while pulling out the ability twine. And placing in the electricity cord all over again while holding these two buttons.

I imagine that is what he said. Artwork would know.

In any case, he explained our modem had just gotten previous and died.

But sure, he stated that HECO’s electrical issue most likely was the final straw that caused our old modem to give up its very last breath.

Dean then checked all our TVs to make sure they ended up now functioning and he was cheerfully on his way prior to telling us where by their business office was.

I told him Spectrum was usually in the neighborhood seeking to entice buyers absent. I explained to Dean, he is just created us happy to keep with Hawaiian Telcom. 😄

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