The Mountain Mixologist of the Slovenian Alps

The “blonde witch,” as locals affectionately phone her, can’t wander more than a number of paces in the alpine meadows all over her dwelling without the need of gathering substances. What most of us go in excess of as just beautiful to appear at—tall grass dusted with bursts of colour from gentian, plantago, and lady’s mantle petals—Tanja Rebolj sees as key factors of medicinal, and mouth watering, liquors of her own invention. Slovenians get in touch with her 22 versions of liquor “schnapps.” But it’s not schnapps as the relaxation of us know it.

End in any gostilna, the Slovene word for a state restaurant (or anyone’s dwelling, for that make any difference), and you will be available šnopec (schnapps), a hard alcoholic beverages distilled from fermented fruit (normally apples) and then flavored with a single ingredient: Williams pear or walnut, lemon or honey, blueberry or young spruce recommendations. My mom-in-law, for case in point, likes to increase sugar and refreshing lemon juice to make limonica, a cousin of the Italian limoncello. Selfmade, solitary-flavored schnapps is so ubiquitous in Slovenia that just about everyone has a relative who will make it. It’s viewed as not just a welcome consume, but a cure-all for almost everything from a hangover to tummy difficulties to around-tight leather-based footwear. (Rub them with schnapps!)

But Cvet Gora—a previous article business office that Rebolj has turned into her dwelling, a mattress-and-breakfast, and an eco-store featuring her do-it-yourself drinks manufactured from foraged ingredients—does schnapps otherwise.

Cvet Gora is in Jezersko, a town tucked large in a mountain move in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps vary. It was the initially official “mountain village” in Slovenia, joining a network of settlements all through the Alps that are hubs for sustainable, environmentally-welcoming mountaineering and hiking. Snuggled up to the border with Austria, which is a shorter stroll absent, Jezersko commenced as a stopover position for furlani, the 19th-century equivalent of truck drivers, who carried cargo on horse-drawn carriages. Nowadays, it is a common location for hikers, mushroom hunters, and bicyclists, who pop down from, or up to, Austria as part of an alpine loop that will take in majestic sights.

The surrounding landscape at Cvet Gora is stunning—and perfect for foraging.
The encompassing landscape at Cvet Gora is stunning—and fantastic for foraging. Noah Charney/Gastro Obscura

As a boy or girl, Rebolj often frequented Jezersko for mountain walks (a frequent Slovenian pastime), and she wound up marrying somebody born and lifted there. A ten years back, Rebolj was moving as a result of the ranks of the Slovenian military as a logistics professional but felt she was not getting treated similarly to her male counterparts. So she still left.

Not sure what to do put up-military, Rebolj drifted, in want of a new outlet. “My mother-in-legislation realized about 20 vegetation that mature all around listed here in Jezersko,” she points out, “and she utilized to make a tea from them. When she handed away, the locals were however asking just after it. So I started to make the tea from her recipe.” Wanting to also establish her own custom, Rebolj turned to schnapps.

Rebolj’s curiosity in wild vegetation grew and she read voraciously on herbology, drugs, and botany. Around the previous 20 a long time, she acquired the “blonde witch” title not only from brewing “magic potions,” but from a magic trick that she simply cannot truly reveal, but which occurs routinely enough that she’s beginning to consider she may well have some specific electricity. “Flowers will connect with me when they want to be picked. It is possibly amusing, possibly odd, but there have been circumstances when I was driving to Jezersko and imagined to myself, ‘Okay, I need this plant.’ And the plant would call me. There were locations wherever I had a emotion that I must end. And I stopped and I located the plant.”

Rebolj picks flowers.
Rebolj picks flowers. Primož Korošec

The declaring goes that you should not get substantial on your own stash, and while Rebolj tastes her schnapps to get the preparation ideal, she does not consume it. Possessing spent a long time developing 22-and-counting varieties, each dependent on a common home remedy and involving much additional substances than the common schnapps, she has a large amount to flavor for. She’s a lot more mixologist than moonshine maker.

Rebolj’s schnapps types are rooted in each history and science. She reads educational experiments about the plants she gathers and bases her recipes on naturopathy and herbology as taught by modern specialists. Every single bottle’s label features Early Contemporary engravings of a critical flora component, as properly as an picture from the 17th-century encyclopedia Glory of the Duchy of Carniola by Baron Janez Vajkard Valvasor, a polymath who penned and printed an monumental compendium of information, legends, and people traditions in Carniola, part of what is now Slovenia. That e-book references witchcraft, magic, and house remedies, linking her modern potion-brewing to traditions courting back generations.

Rebolj commenced to serve her schnapps to clients in 2013. When I host excursions, I like to convey attendees to Cvet Gora to do a tasting of all of her creations, with Rebolj narrating as we sip (such as on an Atlas Obscura tour that I direct called “Forest to Desk in Alpine Slovenia”). It’s like listening to the director’s commentary as a DVD further. Her Antiživček (Anti-Nervousness) schnapps involves herbs these types of as chamomile, echinacea, and valerian, which are stated to be calming and boost rest. Rebolj produced Hribovska Kri (Hill Blood) when adult men complained that she produced schnapps meant to be valuable for what she phone calls “lady problems” (menstrual ache, menopause signs and symptoms), but not for men. So she countered with a schnapps that she jokes is for “man complications,” that, as she states, “is like all-natural Viagra, but I cannot get in touch with it that, simply because they’ll sue me.”

There is also Zimska Pravljica (Winter season Fairy Tale), a liquor that someway tastes specifically as I envision liquifying apple strudel would. “I bake apples, then I put in rum and cooked wine, then spices for Christmas, like cinnamon, anise, nutmeg, and clove. These spices are also supposed to be excellent for the tummy and provide as a digestive assist. But people definitely like them due to the fact they style like strudel.” Other people in the lineup incorporate (roughly translated) Alpine Wound Healer, Memory Eraser, Jezersko Doctor, and Jaga Baba.

Rebolj's Jezerska Pehta contains 102 foraged ingredients.
Rebolj’s Jezerska Pehta consists of 102 foraged ingredients. Primož Korošec

The “herbal queen” of her lineup, as she describes it, is Jezerska Pehta (Pehta from Jezersko, dependent on a fictional witch-like character in a beloved Yugoslav film about a shepherd boy named Kekec, who is one thing of a Slovenian Huckleberry Finn). It is composed of 102 substances, each individual just one foraged by Rebolj and meshed into a recipe that took 8 several years to acquire. “Most several years I really do not make it, because I only make it if I have all the ingredients,” she suggests. Jezerska Pehta is a tongue-dance of flavors, vaguely recalling Jägermeister. Target and you feel like you can intuit any of its lots of ingredients.

Rebolj gathers all the ingredients for her liquors herself, and just about all appear from in just a single kilometer of her household. Slovenia’s most famous chef, Ana Roš of the cafe Hiša Franko (she was 2017 World Feminine Chef of the Year and appeared on Netflix’s Chef’s Table), promotes a “zero kilometer” plan: She desires all her components to come from much less than one kilometer from her restaurant. Rebolj isn’t dogmatic about it, but she aims for the similar.

Rebolj has taken a national tradition—homemade schnapps—and at as soon as expanded and contracted it, the two in beneficial strategies. She’s stretched the idea of what schnapps can be, reworking it from a uncomplicated alcoholic beverages showcasing a single flavoring ingredient into a series of elaborate and refined recipes. But she has also focused it, creating the countrywide tradition hyper-local, employing elements located in her backyard.

At the instant, the only way to taste her schnapps is to travel to Jezersko. And by the way, Rebolj welcomes apprentices. I’ve now decided on my room—the one closest to the cupboard full of Zimska Pravljica.

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