Public Facilities You Need to Know Before Coming to Singapore


Singapore is always one of the best destinations to visit in Southeast Asia. This small country has it all for everyone who seeks adventure, holiday, staycation, and short escape. Various hotels and resorts are located next to each other.

If you’re a first timer visiting Singapore, these 5 best spots to explore are a must. Let’s check ‘em out!

  1. Gardens by The Bay

Gardens by The Bay is a unique garden located around Marina Bay. Like a garden, Gardens by The Bay has lots of trees and greenery, what makes it unique is that here you can find several giant artificial trees. These artificial trees are made of steel and function to collect rainwater and store solar energy.

At night, the lights mounted on this artificial tree as tall as a 16-story building will light up, making it very beautiful. To get around this area is free, but if you want to go up and walk on the bridge that connects these artificial trees, you must buy a ticket. In addition, in this area there is also a Cloud Forest and Flower Dome which is a conservatory of plants and flowers.

  1. Henderson Waves Bridge

Henderson Waves Bridge may rarely be the main choice of tourist attractions in Singapore, but this place is very interesting. Henderson Waves Bridge is a wooden bridge with a unique design that resembles waves. Starting from 7 pm, the Henderson Waves Bridge will turn on its lights which are arranged in such a way that it becomes very beautiful.

Henderson Waves Bridge is a pedestrian bridge that has the highest height in Singapore, so you can enjoy views of the city of Singapore from this bridge. If you want to visit Henderson Waves Bridge, you can get off at Harbor Front MRT station.

  1. Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore. The Singapore Flyer is a kind of Ferris wheel with a very large size, it is even the largest in the world with a height of 165 meters, or the equivalent of a 42-story building. It has 28 cabins with a capacity for 10-15 people; one round of the Singapore Flyer will take up a lot of time. time about 30 minutes.

During those 30 minutes you will be able to enjoy views of the city of Singapore, you can even see Indonesia from the Singapore Flyer. If you’re interested in riding the Singapore Flyer, you can use the MRT and get off at the Promenade station.

  1. Merlion Park

The Merlion is a statue with the head of a lion and the body of a fish which has become Singapore’s mascot. The name Merlion is a combination of “mermaid” and “lion,” which is one of the most iconic spots in Singapore.

Merlion Park is open 24 hours a day and is free for anyone who wants to visit. It means you can save on your travel costs. Besides taking pictures, you can also enjoy the river at this location because Merlion Park is located in front of the Singapore River.

  1. Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios is an amusement park, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore for your staycation. Universal Studios ticket prices on weekends, public holidays, and holiday seasons are quite expensive, up to around SGD 95 for adults.

If you want to save money, just take a picture in front of the Universal Studios globe. Or, if you want to go in and play at Universal Studios, it is better to come in the morning because the queue for games at Universal Studios can be very long. Unless you have a priority ticket, you don’t have to wait in long lines. But of course, these tickets are more expensive than regular tickets.

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