Musings: Cooing Me Crazy!

We have been plagued by pigeons (at times 20+ of them) dwelling on best and under our photo voltaic panels. We could hear them skittering on our roof consistently. What the heck! How major can their tiny feet be? And the cooing…. cooing… cooing! You might consider that is pretty and loving, but it receives annoying and would you consider… LOUD? Our neighbors even outlined that they could hear them. Then we begun finding bites which one more neighbor recommended was from hen mites.

A single neighbor had been feeding pigeons a couple of houses down. An additional neighbor, Steve and Art went jointly and questioned them if they could remember to halt since Steve was conscious of the pigeon chicken mites from his office. Luckily, the pigeon feeders kindly stopped.

Then one more particular person who lived considerably farther absent was basically coming to our road to feed the birds whilst on their walks. Why our road? Why not at their individual dwelling? I asked them to please do it in other places and they have. (This is Hawaii. There is certainly usually a little something for birds to try to eat.) But it was way too late. 

When we had our roof/gutter cleaner, Ku appear to clean down our gutters and photo voltaic panels, he said he did not like to contact under the panels for the reason that he failed to want to get hen mite bites. 

We contacted our solar panel persons but it took months just before they could occur and install critter guards and a chook deterrent netting on top of the panels.

It was great that the solar business knew how to clear away the panels to clean beneath it. Our microinverter was coated in chook poop.

The roof was lined with fowl poop. There was plenty and lots of nesting content below the panels and even a lifeless bird.

A few staff have been up there all working day and they gathered two large bags of nesting material and poop. Artwork took these rubbish photos at midday so I imagine they included to it.

The men then worked truly hard setting up the critter guards and hen netting onto the solar panels.

The next working day, two pigeons arrived back again and held strolling around and close to the panels seeking for a way in.

But they didn’t leave. They sat in the gutter in its place.

The working day soon after that, there have been 50 % a dozen pigeons.


I appeared up pigeon difficulties online.

They verified what I by now understood. The cooing can get very loud and annoying. It is also a sign that they are loving our roof and loving each individual other…. if you get my drift… therefore the nesting for their infants. The web site mentioned how you have to make the birds not comfortable and not like your household.

Uuuummmm….. Hoooow?

So Artwork started off looking up drinking water guns that he could shoot onto the roof from the ground. The young children and I have forbidden him from climbing onto the roof.

Today, I explained to him to just use our drinking water sprinkle to startle them so he gave it a consider.

Would you believe a powerful splash of h2o had a CLOUD of pigeons go scattering into the sky? We really couldn’t count them simply because there have been so quite a few pigeons. We had no notion there were that many pigeons up there.

So I guess our approach now is to go out two or three instances a day and splash them. But will they find out that it can be just water and that our home is continue to their content cooing spot to be? 

I hope not mainly because I can only continue to keep Artwork off the roof for so prolonged.

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