Musings: An Abundance of Outlets

We recently had a dilemma with electricity fluttering and sputtering for a fantastic 2 hrs. I need to have turned OFF my laptop appropriate absent, but like an idiot stored waiting for it to start out performing yet again. The good news is, my personal computer did not die. I did not get rid of every little thing. My back again-up drives did not get fried from energy surges.

Nevertheless, I realized that our surge protector shops were jam packed and old. Sooo… I checked out Amazon and uncovered this. Wow! 22 Stores! Woohoo! And 6 USB ports! 

But you know what? Individuals AC to DC electrical converter plugs choose up a good deal of room. Sooo… I do even now have home, but not as considerably an abundance of space as I might hoped.

Then I found the 2100 J on the box and puzzled what that was. It’s JOULES. I located this explanation on the Tripp-Lite web-site:

joule is a evaluate of strength introduced in excess of a interval of time. For case in point, an average lightning strike releases about 1 billion joules of electrical power above a portion of a 2nd.

surge protector joule rating indicates how considerably electricity it can soak up just before it fails. The larger the selection of joules, the increased the surge defense presented. Keys to determining the quantity of protection desired incorporate the variety and worth of the machines to be safeguarded.

So do I have more than enough joules? I failed to even believe to examine that. This is what the internet site said:

A unit with up to 1000 joules of surge protection is satisfactory for these tiny electronics. Some parts have delicate circuitry necessitating defense, but never store comprehensive facts. Models with surge protector scores of 1000 to 2000 joules will give ample safety for electric power applications and business office products these kinds of as printers, copiers and routers. Consider the greatest joule ratings—2000 and above—for house theater elements, gaming consoles and any computer that stores crucial data… anything at all from consumer lists to money facts to irreplaceable images and individual documents. 

Fingers crossed that I have more than enough. Then once again, we don’t get lightning strikes considerably. I believe. 

The primary factor is… I will attempt to keep in mind to transform off my computer promptly the next time we get some kind of Hawaiian Electric powered problem again.

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