Exploring Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museums

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

The Carnegie Museums are a collection of Pittsburgh-based knowledge and art founded in 1895 by industrialist Andrew Carnegie.  These were the first museums in the United States that focused on contemporary art and, through the years, have expanded beyond art to include natural history and science.

These museums are a hub for knowledge and inspiration for anyone in Pittsburgh and are must-stop locations if you’re passing through the city.  In the last 130 years, this area has seen major strides and would be excited to dazzle you.

These are the four Carnegie museums and everything you should know about them.

The Carnegie Museum of Art

The oldest of the four museums, the Carnegie Museum of Art, offers rotating exhibits that range from modern artists to artists from hundreds to thousands of years ago, all offering a unique perspective on the world that you may not have had otherwise.  Visiting this museum can give anyone the chance to feel inspired by other artists and learn about cultures that may not be as different from yours as you expect.

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Do you want to learn about the monster fish that used to live in the ocean and rivers?  Are you interested in finding out about the incredible natural history of Pittsburgh?  It’s time to dive into the Carnegie Museum of Natural History!

This awesome museum has in-depth looks at natural wildlife going back millions of years, including fossils, artist renderings of creatures, and even animations and videos about how these animals may have moved or interacted.  As you walk through the museum, you can watch as the past catches up with us, and you’re suddenly in the modern marshes: this is a must-see museum!

The Carnegie Science Center

If you want to take a break from looking at Pittsburgh houses for sale and enjoy learning with your family, it’s time to check out the Carnegie Science Center!  This museum offers the chance to enjoy learning through both hands-on exhibits as well as educational walk-throughs that offer in-depth looks at the natural world and our impact on it.  There are exhibits for people of any age and plenty of chances to take the knowledge you learn into your daily life.

The Andy Warhol Museum

This museum on Sandusky Street offers the chance to take an in-depth look at the life and art of Andy Warhol.  Starting from his birth in Pittsburgh, this Carnegie museum is home to the largest collection of Warhol’s art and creations and is one of the most comprehensive single-artist museums in the world, weighing in as the largest in the United States.  With a goal of educating on his life, habits, and art, this museum understands how to keep people interested and awed.

Pittsburgh Has Endless Opportunities for Growth and Inspiration

Whether you’re interested in modern art or you want to learn about science and history, there’s so much anyone can take in from a visit to the Carnegie museums.  Consider stopping in at any of these today, and you’ll feel inspired in no time!

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