Children and Learning Disabilities – It’a a Bit Like Football

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With all of our modern technologies and techniques, why is it that there seems to be an ever increasing number of children with Learning Disabilities? You can pay hundreds of dollars for tests that yield diagnoses like dyslexia, ADHD, scotopic sensitivity and learning disabilities, but rarely do you ever get any clear guidance of what to do to help the situation.

So many theories, so many ideas, yet so many children seem to miss out on the learning experience that they deserve. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result, then most remedial help for children with learning difficulties is insanity. Surely there must be an alternative method in treating these conditions, instead of simply repeating the agony of reading over and over again!

Pretty heavy statements I know, but if you are a parent struggling with your child and learning disabilities, then the agony of homework and constantly plugging away with your child teaching them reading, is enough to drive you insane! As another painful bout of homework looms this afternoon, I am sure that many of you are saying to yourself, “Surely there must be something more I can do that is actually going to work!

“The analogy that I use for children and learning difficulties involves one of my favorite things in the world… football!I know, I know, you ladies just don’t want to know anything about football, but please take a moment and bear with me as I explain. For all you soccer moms, you will relate to this: if you want your child to play football, there are two ways that you can go: Give him a soccer shirt and send him out on the field to play in the top division. Universitas Swasta di Bandung You know what will happen? The other kids will play him off the pitch, and he will return to you depressed and feeling like a failure, or…Take him to football practice and learn the skills of the game: Let the coach teach him to kick, pass, shoot, head and trap the ball, how to tackle and play his position. If he does this first, then when he gets out on the field, he can hold his own and have a reasonable chance of doing well in the game.

Funny thing is, when we keep forcing our children to do homework and remedial reading that they hate, it is just like giving them a jersey and sending them out to play. Just as frustrating, just as discouraging, and just as pointless.

As an Optometrist working in the field for 2 decades, I recognize that the majority of children with learning disabilities have visual problems. Konseling Online That is not to say they cannot see, because almost all of them can. The main problem is that they do not develop the necessary skills to learn, read, write and spell effectively.

We have discovered that, using the correct therapy to train visual skills, every child with learning difficulties can improve. That’s right, it is not a misprint, I did in fact say EVERY CHILD. How can they not improve? We are simply teaching them skills. If a player goes to football practice, they will improve as well. So our way is simple, and it’s different. Take a pause from the game, and TEACH THE CHILD THE SKILLS THEY NEED TO PLAY THE GAME OF READING!

That’s what my special vision therapy for children and learning disabilities does: it teaches then the skills they need to read. It is quick, fun, interesting and, above all, very effective in improving a child’s visual skills and hence reading, writing and spelling ability. Yes, there is hope for children with learning disabilities.

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