Another ER Visit for Mom

On just one of the last couple of times of our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter’s take a look at with us we were being sitting down to a leisurely breakfast. Mom has her breakfast at 4:00 AM, receives on her treadmill for a early morning physical exercise and heads out the doorway to pick up fallen leaves all-around the yard and have a tendency to her small yard and lemon trees. 

On that Sunday morning we listened to what sounded like a crash. We figured it was mom just dropping her stand up trash pan again.

However, Tiffany went to the window to glance out and saw that her grandmother had fallen on the concrete walkway and not able to get up.

We ran outdoors and noticed that her hand experienced ripped open. 

The good news is, we have a light-weight wheelchair we keep for just this sort of emergencies. We meticulously aided her sit on it and took her to Kaiser’s ER.

We ended up quite blessed that the ER was not way too busy. 

Mom obtained her wrist X-rayed and her head CAT scanned. 

The medical professional mentioned nothing at all was damaged internally. That was a substantial reduction.

The nurse then applied Sodium Chloride to clean her wound. (Isn’t that just salt h2o?) Hmmm…. I asked the nurse if they weren’t worried about flesh feeding on germs. She reported, “No.” Actually? I thought they’d use a little something like hydrogen peroxide. I know Tripler Military Clinic won’t use alcoholic beverages for the reason that it can induce tissue hurt and inhibit therapeutic. 

You should not they often display people today making use of liquor to handle gun shot or knife wounds in motion motion pictures? It would harm like the dickens, I’m guaranteed. But I know they utilized to disinfect wounds with hydrogen peroxide when our young children ended up rising up. No lengthier.

We have additional sodium chloride to our to start with aid package since it appears to be like like we will require it much more frequently now.

The very qualified nurse utilized these steri-strips to shut the wound and utilized some kind of sealant on major of it. She then bandaged mom’s hand and we ended up very good to go. 

Friends and my cousin stopped by with mangoes, desserts and even a fantastic soba salad to cheer mother up. 

Bruising where her encounter hit the concrete prevented her from smiling totally, but she was sensation considerably improved two days later on and was back on her early morning treadmill. 

She experienced just one working day when I had to give her some Tylenol for muscle ache, but just after that she was up and all around with no pain at all.

In fact, she begun mopping the kitchen right before I took the mop absent and instructed her to rest for a couple of additional times. 

My brother mentioned, “Would not it have been fantastic if we had inherited her genes?”


After 2.5 months wherever I altered her bandage just about every other day and bathed her so she would not use her hand, we had her initial in-human being appointment with her new medical doctor. (I’d picked out anyone who could speak Japanese.) 

The physician removed her bandage and checked the wound. She was shocked! I would emailed her a photograph after the incident so she understood how undesirable it was.

It experienced healed! I checked it a couple of days prior to (while switching the bandage) and failed to like the coloration, but the medical doctor reported it was terrific and mother could get it damp now and in a pair of times could resume her lawn cleaning, and so forth. things to do.

Artwork and I have in contrast the first wound to how it appeared 2.5 months later on and don’t fairly believe that what we see.

How is this probable? 

When Artwork and I injure ourselves it requires a lot extended to recover.

Artwork chuckled, “Probably it truly is all the natto (fermented soybeans) she eats?”

The medical doctor had laughed in the course of our go to and instructed her that if she feels like acquiring sweets, come to feel absolutely free and take pleasure in. It can be not like she isn’t going to. I’ve acquired all forms of treats and desserts that buddies and loved ones have specified her.

So…. are her genes supplying her the capability to recover rapidly and is that the cause for her longevity?

Or… is it the natto? 😄

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